This shindig will run from 11am - 5pm on July 29th, 2017. We figure we'll all hang out, eat food, drink adult beverages, and watch our kids run around like lunatics. We'll set up in front of our home at 14738 Bowfin Terrace, but it's a block party so... ya know... it'll kinda spill out onto the block.


We're booking a huge inflatable waterslide for the kids, we'll have speakers set up with music, and we'll have at least one tent set up for shade. We're hoping that half the neighborhood comes out to say hello and to let all the kids meet each other.

It should be a low-key, fun time and a great chance to meet those neighbors that you always meant to go say hello to but somehow or another time just got away from you... you know what I'm talking about.

The short version: Grownups meeting each other with music / drinks / chairs and kids going crazy with each other on a water slide.


We're asking everybody to bring 1 dish to share with everyone. For drinks we recommend BYOB so you can have whatever makes you happiest, and bring some lawn chairs for sitting. You may also want to bring a bathing suit as we're renting a water slide and possibly some other water-based fun.

We'll have at least one tent set up for shade, but if you have one and don't mind lugging it over, the more the merrier.